What Is Sober Lyfe

Making the commitment to enter a rehab facility and acknowledging that they are powerless over their addiction is only step one. The first year is by far the most important, but recovery is a life-long process. Sober Lyfe provides an array of support and resources to help individuals grow throughout every step of their journey.

Programs include but are not limited to:

  • Job Placement
  • Step Studies
  • Process and Support Groups
  • Support for families affected by loved ones who are recovering from addiction
  • Direct access to certified counselors
  • Referral to individualized, private therapy (upon request)
  • Leadership Courses
  • Spiritual Studies
  • Enrichment Trips
  • Volunteerism (i.e. serving the homeless or speaking engagements which will allow them to share their stories of recovery and deliver a message of hope to others who are struggling with addiction)
  • Housing for men recovering from addiction

The Sober Lyfe Program

Here for support through every step of recovery.

Sober Lyfe Housing

While recovery is a personal and individualized process, Sober Lyfe knows that long term success in sobriety requires the development of healthy relationships, routines, compassionate self-acceptance, newly found confidence and continued education about the behavioral aspects of addiction.

In our experience, we have noticed recovery to be a culture. Our housing provides a safe, controlled environment promoting a holistic approach which supports the health and well-being of your mind, body and spirit.

  • Offer job placement options
  • Provide additional support and aftercare to help each man’s unique recovery needs
  • Cultivate leaders by teaching them the importance of serving others. (i.e. sponsorship, volunteering)
  • Provide guidance through mentorship and use of connections and resources to help them discover their true identity by encouraging them to grow towards stability and success
  • Inspire a passion inside to find their purpose in life and support them throughout the process of achieving their goals
  • Teach them to prioritize and be held accountable

Early Recovery

Our primary goal is to showcase the lifestyle and benefits of recovery and inspire those struggling to make the commitment to change. We fully understand the imperative need for real leadership. Early recovery is about following the example of men and women that have experienced the battle of addiction but overcome through dedication to the program and hard work.

Sober Lyfe is made up of men and women with years of sobriety and strong moral values that propel them to lead by example and pour into those still looking for a solution. Along with sponsorship and open meetings, we have certified addiction counselors (CACs) available for one-on-one sessions to help individuals cope with the emotions and memories that can cause someone to relapse if they are not dealt with early. We want to empower the broken and the lost. Our greatest desire is to cultivate leaders.

Sober Wyfe

Sober Wyfe is a branch of Sober Lyfe completely focused on support, mentorships and counseling for the female counterparts of the men still growing through the process of early recovery. The women in charge of Sober Wyfe not only have years of sobriety and experience but also have a burden to help women grow stronger in their supportive roles and understanding of recovery as a lifestyle.

Fun outings, open meetings and one-one-one counseling sessions will be available to anyone interested in attending. Sober Lyfe believes the wives need emotional healing, support and encouragement themselves so we have implemented Sober Wyfe to empower the women to ask questions, get answers, build new friendships and grow in their own process of recovery. Eventually, we believe that more women in recovery will be inspired and more programs and meetings will become available for Sober Wyfe.

Sober Lyfe Goals

Our goal is to purchase single family houses in the Tampa Bay area and transform them into a safe place for men to transition into from rehab.

Job placement options will be available for residents, but everyone will be required to work a full-time day job. Fully furnished and move-in ready, each man will sign a 6-month lease and be required to pay $500 per month for the duration of their stay. They must also agree to the stipulations and guidelines of Sober Lyfe housing. With two men to each room, this is not meant to be a permanent residence but rather a stepping stone into true independence.

  • Three nights per week, at least one member of the Sober Lyfe team will be hosting a one-hour meeting to keep them growing throughout this process.
  • Each resident will be required to submit one drug test per week.
  • Each resident will be required to adhere to an 11:00 PM curfew.
  • Each resident will be required to attend all “in house” Sober Lyfe meetings.
  • They will share in the responsibilities of the household chores which will be delegated by the Sober Lyfe team here and agreed to upon signing the contract.

Our vision is for each resident to experience the same transformation we have and build the confidence it takes to be a leader in their family, on the job and in the community. We want to help others until they’re strong enough to help others.


Eventually, we are looking to build facilities to house at least one hundred men. These facilities will be fully equipped with a variety of meetings, guidelines and leadership courses to change the statistics of relapse around the country.

Starting in Tampa, FL, these facilities will be located near major rehabilitation centers to make sponsorship and volunteering easily accessible. These buildings will also house a built-in chapel and provide a safe place for the individual in recovery to grow both spiritually and emotionally. Along with on-call certified addiction counselors, alumni and resident managers, we will provide a personalized plan for each individual that commits to the six month transitional housing plan.